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We have adopted the "Survey" that follows the following principles (overview of your demand - survey and survey - collect data - feasibility). Our team has analysts who, after the survey, will bring you the best project for your demand and a team of collaborators to execute the project. All this differential was recognized by large reputable companies in the market, and therefore, we are operating firmly throughout the North and Northeast of the country.

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Transforming your demand

IT solutions



If your company needs to outsource information technology services and you don't know where to start, get a free consultation and get your questions answered.


Development of projects and implementation of data and voice networks and electronic security. All this linked to quality assurance and an excellent finish.

Our team is based on the NBR's and is trained to work at heights, work in confined spaces, work with electrical grids and classified locations.


Mobile devices are part of our daily lives, and this technology goes hand in hand with our solutions. Have all data, information and images in the palm of your hand. 

3. Mobility and remote access to solutions  from anywhere on the planet

1. Infrastructure based on NBR standards

2. Integrated IT solutions

Discover our services and schedule a technical visit.

The LS Tecnologia group was born in 2013, bringing with it a history of many years of experience and professionalism of its founders.

With new concepts and solutions acquired over the years added to technological developments and studies.

The group adds values and solutions that guarantee its space in the national market, bringing IT solutions, whether in the private or public sector.

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